Hi, I am Patrick Samuels.

Patrick Samuels is a photographic and visual artist, who appreciates the natural decay in the San Jose area. His journeys on foot often take him by some mound of refuse. From extra large cups of uneaten chili, left on the ground for a week, to the tacos in a newspaper vending machine, Patrick finds humor and despondency in the obtuse placement of garbage in and around the San Jose area.

Patrick explored states of neurochemical distress and mental illness. By taking self-portraits, and focusing on the expression of certain tropes found in persons suffering from mental illness, he was able to share some of his own history, and provide images that opened doors often stigmatized into silence.

Having been homeless before, Patrick enjoys giving back to the community and illuminating persons currently less fortunate than themself and providing them with information on local resources they may be able to access. No longer homeless, this remains an ongoing project.

Lately, Patrick has been working on portraiture and has previously delved into a brief exploration of architectural photography. Patrick originally started his college career as a biology major, but soon found the need for more creative freedom, and graduated in fall of 2023 with a BFA in photography from San José State University.

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